EXCELLENCE IN steam vIRTUal Summer Camps - Registration is now open

Update June 3, 2021 -- Seats are still available for all three sessions. Please allow the Writing Project seven (7) calendar days to ship materials. To arrange to pick up materials, please email Dr. Abby Holland at writingproject.charlotte.edu.

The UNC Charlotte Writing Project is excited to announce new science, technology, engineering, arts, math (STEAM) programming for Summer 2021. UNCCWP will host three half-day, virtual summer camps for students in rising grades 5-8. The intention is to meet over Zoom, Monday-Friday, 9:00-12:30. Prior to the first day, campers will receive a science kit containing materials for hands-on exploration and a journal.  UNC Charlotte Teaching Fellows under faculty direction will lead small groups of 4-6 students. The intended themes are as follows:

  • Finding Patient Zero - June 14-18. Campers in this session will participate in interactive math, science, and coding activities to understand how diseases spread and what they can do to stop them.
  • This Camp is Anti-Racist - June 21-25. Campers will not only find a personal journey to dismantle racism, but they will also explore open-ended topics in math and science to understand genetics, patterns of migration, and what makes all of us similar and different. 
  • Seedfolx: Science to Make a Difference - June 28-July 2. Campers will gain an increased understanding of cultural diversity and fundamentals of urban gardening. Campers will apply math and science concepts to create a self-guided project that could address global hunger, food deserts, and genetic modification.
Registration is now open. $175/week, $150 for UNC Charlotte faculty and staff. Families outside the UNC Charlotte community can request to receive the science kit by mail for an additional $25.

UNC Charlotte Writing Project Statement on Anti-racist Education

The UNC Charlotte Writing Project, a site of the National Writing Project, rejects racism.  Racism, prejudice, hatred, bigotry, and bias have no place in our society, our community, and especially in our schools. As a teaching organization, we commit to shining light on the pervasive racism present in our country as exemplified by the history of murders of Black Americans at the hands of White Americans and more recently fueled by the recent murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd.  As a group, we strive to bring attention to inequitable educational experiences and discrimination; and, moving forward, we also commit to supporting anti-racist education as a foundation of our organization and professional development.  We challenge ourselves as members of a powerful teacher network to support anti-racist education by participating in personal professional development related to developing understanding of the systemic, institutional racism on which the United States has been built.  We also commit to supporting  members of our teacher network by developing a library of books and resources related to anti-racist education and an online respository of articles and guides for implementing anti-racist pedagogy in the K-12 classroom.  Building on the work of several professional teaching organizations, we stand united with our Black brothers and sisters.  We pledge to support the creation of space in our classrooms, schools, and communities to speak and act against injustice, racism and systemic oppression. We hold ourselves accountable for examining our own privilege, prejudice, and the stereotypes we sustain when we are complicit.  Together, we can dismantle racism starting in classrooms across North Carolina and the United States.

A collection of resouces for anti-racism is accessible on the site resources page. All UNCCWP teacher consultants and other community members are invited to recommend additional titles. Email unccwritingproject@uncc.edu or post a message on UNCCWP's Facebook page.

Teacher consultant Spotlight

Our very own Cindy Urbanski and Steve Fulton made an appearance on the NWP Radio podcast, discussing their new book, Making Middle School. Listen here.

Cindy and Steve also made an appearance in NCTE's Council Chronice. Take a look here.

Teacher Consultant Melissa Ligh and her students have an important message about steretypes. Students use spoken word poetry to share their sentiments in a video called You Don't Know Me. Check it out here:






UNC Charlotte Writing Project offers customizable professional development in K-12 schools. Partnerships can take the form of workshops, two-week intensive summer institutes, or visits during PLC meetings. Click here for more information, or email unccwritingproject@uncc.edu.


NWP Philosophy

Our site is a member of the network of National Writing Project sites. The core principals of NWP are:

  • Teachers at every level—from kindergarten through college—are the agents of reform; universities and schools are ideal partners for investing in that reform through professional development.
  • Writing can and should be taught, not just assigned, at every grade level. Professional development programs should provide opportunities for teachers to work together to understand the full spectrum of writing development across grades and across subject areas.
  • Knowledge about the teaching of writing comes from many sources: theory and research, the analysis of practice, and the experience of writing. Effective professional development programs provide frequent and ongoing opportunities for teachers to write and to examine theory, research, and practice together systematically.
  • There is no single right approach to teaching writing; however, some practices prove to be more effective than others. A reflective and informed community of practice is in the best position to design and develop comprehensive writing programs.
  • Teachers who are well informed and effective in their practice can be successful teachers of other teachers as well as partners in educational research, development, and implementation. Collectively, teacher-leaders are our greatest resource for educational reform.